Gigapixel Photography


The most advantage of Gigapixel photography technique is constructing very large scales photos in which details of photographed environment remain and will be saved.

A Gigapixel photo contains billions of pixels. This picture is 1000 times larger than a photo taken by megapixel camera.


Gigapixel photos are generated by automatic robots in several hours and puzzled by using professional soft wares to form a huge photo.

The size of a Gigapixel photo in a computer system may reach to 100 gigabytes.  Finally by employing special soft wares, the pictures will be available

on website or servers for display in virtual tour.

Gigapan technology has fascinated Physician, aerospace scientists, archeologists, artists and additionally common web users.

Gigapixel photography technology has the ability to present comprehensively an industrial environment in virtual spaces.



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Interview With Iman siuof Jahromi

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