Architectural Photography


During the daily tours wherever we walk, we are surrounded by the architectural items. 

Without any surprise Architectural photography is a popular branch of photography. 

Architectural photography considered as a landscape of imaging creative tendencies.

Architectural Photography is not only limited to recording the historical sites and monuments. 

The result of combining artistic views, genuine knowledge of light and perspectives and various innovated photography techniques

might be exquisite images from our exterior and interior environments.

Theses shots will be the inspiration of innovation in architecting and creating new spaces.

Iran Ingenious Documentary Group has found and gathered the valuable source of architectural photography behalf of years of

hardworking, investment, creativity, subtlety and employing numerous techniques in this area.


Our Services in Architectural photography

- Architectural photography from your environments (exterior and interior spaces)

- Providing 3D photography and virtual tour

- Architectural photography using Gigapixel photography


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