3D & VR-360 Panorama Photography and Virtual Tours


Since the initial years of photography birth, capturing the extremely wide-angle images, as Panoramic photography, has fascinated many of photographers, inventors, imaging engineers,

and manufacturers of photography instruments. 

After more than a century efforts and parallel with emergence of the digital technology, progresses have been made in creating Panorama pictures and their displaying methods in cyber space.


Virtual tours in web spaces and websites has surprised us by the ability of watching real spaces pictures in 3 dimensions with the possibility of 360 angle gyration along with the real vertical axis.

It also excited us with high zooming on a specific point with watching more details.  

Nowadays Objective Panorama photography, (Object Movies), has given the opportunity to analyze the photographed objects through optional gyration

that provided in 360-angle preview and possibility of zooming on details.


Iran Ingenious Documentary Group with access to panoramic cameras, lenses and special robotic heads as well as association with Iran panorama photography pioneers

had always been involved in major and advanced panoramic photography projects. 


Our Special Services in Panorama & VR-360 Photography Area:


- linear Panorama Photography

- VR-360 Panorama Photography, Spherical and cylindrical

- Object Movies, Objective Panorama Photography

- Aerial VR-360 Photography

- 3D VR-360 Panorama Photography

- Matrix Panorama Photography (Macro scale up to wide-angle)

- Interactive Virtual tours designing and generating

- VR-360 Applications designing and generating for smart phones and tablets


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