Siraf Documentary Film

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The man equals man video theater

The “ man equals man”  video theater which produced and performed in fanoos art &culture house is close to be released by IIDP

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Fate Of Migratory Birds In Documentary Film

   movie of migratory birds

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Asian Cheetah 

  short movie of asian cheetah

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New Movie Of Asghar Farhadi In Spain

 New Movie Of Asghar Farhadi In Spain

 Documentary Film ''Modern Tehran '' is in th last season of production.

Documentary Film " Modern Tehran " in order of IRIB Documentary channel with corporation of Tasvire Shahr Institute (Tehran Municipality Art and Cultural Organization )

is in the last season of production .This production have started by  I.I.D.P GROUP producing and directing by Iman Siuof Jahromy since 2013.

This film focus on " Transition & Transformation Phenomenon " in Tehran Cultural And urban Structure.



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