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Art & Engineering Science As a Basis For Innovation

 Head Of Department:

 ... About 15 years ago, parallel with country's advancement and the necessity toward creating knowledge based productions in the areas of documentary films and professional photography, a group was initiated in collaboration with various experts. During these years the group has successfully run numerous projects with various artistic, cultural, televisional, cinematic, commercial and industrial approaches.

Creativity and innovation as a result of art and engineering incorporation, also employing modern technology within the international standards is regarded as one of the fundamental characteristic of these visual productions. During these years of efforts, persistence and investment: this Group has been using the most advanced visual equipment sufficiently in its huge documentary projects to develop the quality of its visual productions inside and outside of the borders.

producing cinematic documentary films ,television documentary series, special commercial trailers, luxury music videos parallel with Documentary and photography of oil, gas, petrochemical industries, architectural mega- constructions and commercial complexes, dams and canals construction, road and civil, automobile industries, mine industry and environmental projects are among the domains which this group has concentrated on them.

- Director & Producer

        Iman Siuof




Saeed Abedinpour


Researcher & lecturer in radio Control Systems

Specialist in multi-rotor systems & aircraft model     

Expert in instrumentation 

Expert in flight navigation systems

Peiman Siuof

Visual project manager / assistant director        

Responsible for research and writing group

graduate of architecture & archeology                 

Professional photographer & cameraman 



Reza Pazhouhesh

Professional photographer and cameraman :

Expert in time lapse imaging

Expert in HDR photography

Expert in 3D & VR-360 panorama photography          

Bahram Mirza Abedini

Professional Photographer and Cinematographer:    

Nature and Anthropology

Advertisement & industry

Social documentary filmmaker


Mahmood Morovati

Professional photographer and cameraman

Director of Lighting

Researcher and instructor of shooting, lighting

And Principles of visual literacy advanced courses  

Arash Pournamdarian

Graphic artist /Photographer / Filmmaker /Animator

Expert in graphic design and illustration

Expert in editing , video graphic & 3D special effects 

Idea generator and scriptwriter


Meisam Alirezaie

Professional Photographer                                           

Production technician

Sound scene technician


Saghar Safari

Media design manager

Responsible for archiving management                        



Rana Ghaderi

Idea generator & developer

Responsible for Content managing                              



Sarmad Sadeghian

Editor and cameraman

Expert in video graphic & virtual special effects         

Cameraman & production coordinator







Pezhman Ziaian

CEO of ''Pezhhan'' art & advertising institute

Graduated in photography from Berkeley Professional University,USA

Master of aerial, nature and landscape photography

With numerous international books ,honors and chosen art works

 ©Link for further information: www.pezhhan.com

Hamid Reza Salehieh Yazdi

CEO of''tose Aseman honar'' cultural institute

Researcher, writer and art director

Owner and manager of ''Chideman''Journal of Image & Graphics

With numerous publications and chosen visual art works
©Link for further information: www,tose.marlik.info




Omid Jahromi

Inventor & engineering scientist

PHD in Electrical &Computer Engineering

 Author of numerous scientific papers & patents

in digital signal processing & optics

Member of Institute of  (IEEE), (INCITS) ,(ISO)

©Link for further information: www.omidjahromi.com

Allen Alhagh

CEO of Ajton CO.

CEO of Allen Computer Co.

Graduate of electrial & Computer eng


Mahyar Hajatmand

Director of Mahyaran picture Studio

MA degree in photography

Lecturer & researcher

Member of Iran society of graphic designer


I.T. Crew :  Social & Web Developement


David Hourizadeh

Director of Bina IT Consulting Group

©Link for further information: www.binacity.com

Hadi Khanian

Consultant of Bina IT Consulting Group

©Link for further information: www.binacity.com





Majid Khoshnevisan  


Atefeh Talebi                                                


Farshad Hadipour














Eng. Nasim Naji



Eng. William Hairatounian



Master. Farhoud Haghi



Gholam Hosien F. Noori



Eng. Mehdi Nasouti



Eng. Reza Kakoulaki



Eng. Reza Hatamian



Eng. Payam S.Jahromi



Eng. Heydar Ehsani








































 Our Founders







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